Sorry to burst your bubble; TokyoPop’s new site Sucks

24 10 2007


You know a site’s navigation is out of whack when 1/6th of the home page is a large, orange “How to use this site” box. The main problem with TokyoPop’s web site is that it has more cool features then it knows what to do with. The web site is still in it’s BETA testing stage so there’s still hope that the online editor can make a few improvements with navigation.

TokyoPop is a manga powerhouse. Based in L.A., the mega-publisher prints English-language comics to markets across the world. It has offices throughout Europe and Asia (of course this includes Tokyo). TokyoPop also releases animated DVDs and produces television programs.

The new official Web site is confusing to me. I’m not only irked about how it is organized, but I also don’t like how TokyoPop manages to make up weird names/titles for every piece of content.

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