The King of Pop likes anime?

6 11 2007


More than a decade before Kanye recreated Akira in his “Stronger” video, the King of Pop featured Tetsuo and other unidentifiable anime characters in one of my favorite music videos of all time, “Scream.” Japan loves the Jacksons. While the verdict is basically unanimous that the space-aged video includes a two second clip of Tetsuo when he discovers he can fly, the other anime clips are hard to name. Some say that a few of the clips are from Zillion and Babel II. They appear really fast so I captured a few screen shots for you to judge.



Be sure to watch the video. It was totally worth the $7 million price tag, and I’m being serious! Janet is the baddest chick in the game. Who else can rock that attitude with the makeup and futuristic hair and keep up with Michael Jackson during a dance number? I mean the woman unzips her fly to look like she is peeing while standing up over the toilet. Bow down and worship.




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