Appetizing: Sushi named after a street

10 12 2007

Yummmm. Eel. I went out for some sushi the other day, and here’s what I got:


I think it’s named after Lombard Street in San Francisco. The street consists of sharp turns down a hill so steep that if it wasn’t for the curves cars would roll down and crash. If I remember correctly in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas they did a pretty good job recreating this street in the game. Does anybody else remember that?


Photo and screenshot from




3 responses

11 12 2007

I don’t know anything about video games, but I do love sushi. That looks amazing–where did you get it?

12 12 2007

This makes me feel a little bit hungry and a little bit grossed out. And then it makes me want to play GTA.

16 01 2008

Holy Macaroni!
And I thought I knew quite a lot about sake (shizuokasake.wordpress).
Why do I have the feeling there is still a lot of dressing. LOL!

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