My Humps, my Humps, my Humps, my lovely lady lumps

19 11 2007

Forgive me for the Fergie reference, but this title actually makes sense when you hear the story that goes with the picture below (from CelebritySmack).

Yes, that’s the girl from “Heroes.” No, that isn’t a photo shoot. Like any other young starlet, she has a warrant out for her arrest, and it’s not for DUI or being caught with illegal herbs! Our favorite cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere was trying to paddle out on a surf board in a cove near Taiji (Japan) to interfere with fishermen on a dolphin hunt in late October. The “bad girl” was collaborating with the Save Japan Dolphins coalition. Her group of bikini-clad activists attempted to reach some dolphins before they were killed. Unfortunately, the girls were blocked by a fishing boat before they could go far enough out. Here’s the video of Hayden crying after being turned back. Now, they are wanted for trespassing. If they all look actresses in the photo that’s because they are! The middle, model-like girl (another Aussie) is “Home and Away” star Isabel Lucas. If I was going to save some dolphins that’s the outfit I would wear.

“I was very excited that people were interested in what we did,” Hayden told E! News. “In [Hollywood], you tend to only get publicity for not wearing underwear or going to rehab.”

You’re such a heroine, Hayden! Ultra rebellious! Now celebrities are even trying to use dolphins to get publicity…

After you get all the giggles out of you, it’s time to actually get serious. The AP is reporting today that Japan will not back down and will continue its annual whaling hunt despite international outcry. The poaching of whales and dolphins is culturally acceptable in Japan in the same way other countries treat fishing. A Japanese fleet embarked on a whale hunt yesterday that is being labeled as the country’s largest whaling expedition since the 1960s, a new addition to the grocery list – the protected humpback whale.

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