Why women should not fall asleep outside

2 01 2008

UPDATE: This video was taken off YouTube. Took them long enough.

*Don’t worry: Nothing nasty happens in this video.

While Google is very anal about inappropriate content on the English side of YouTube, I guess they get a little lazy about finding foreign videos documenting questionable content. Sexual harassment? I think it’s kind of sleep at your own risk. If you are on a bench asleep with your legs wide open then, yeah, don’t be surprised if your stuff is on YouTube the next day. The crazy thing is that these shots were taken by a woman. Imagine how the guys must be.


C’mon, Kyoto, you can do better than this

7 12 2007


All of the large Japanese newspapers have bureaus if not their headquarters in Tokyo. Some people forget that Tokyo was not always the center of activity in Japan. The city of Kyoto, which means “capital city,” was Japan’s capital from 794 until the late 19th century.

The Kyoto Shimbun News is a community newspaper that focuses on the cities of Kyoto and Shiga. The paper has a company mission of upholding “justice, freedom and truth.” The Kyoto Shimbun Web site looks like something your novice programmer designed, however, its simplicity and to-the-point features are appealing to foreigners.

The site is offered in both Japanese and English. The English version of the site is regularly updated with three “fluffy” main stories on the home page. While that’s not a lot of content, the way that the page is designed with images and article summaries make it okay visually and easy to read. The articles are extremely short. They are more like news briefs than articles. I think that they could afford to fit more of the articles on the home page. They could also invest into making slide shows which visitors would find helpful. I like the “Guide,” “Photos,” and “Festivals” navigation. These are topics that they don’t have to spend time maintaining. The Japanese version of the site is a little more meaty in order to better inform the paper’s main readership – one of the 1.5 million Kyoto inhabitants. Still I think it leaves a lot to be desired.

Just to be fair, let’s compare this site to that of an American community newspaper that serves a similar amount of people – Philadelphia.

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TV Tokyo, The Small Station With The Big Heart

5 12 2007


So I have to write a blog post about the Web site of a local news station. I thought it would be cool to review TV Tokyo’s site. There’s only one issue – it’s in Japanese.

This does present a problem, however, technically if the Web site is organized in the right way I might be able to still discern if it’s a good site or not.

TV Tokyo is the smallest of the Tokyo television networks. It’s nicknamed “Teleto” = terebi (television) + Tokyo. It’s known for it’s anime. TV Tokyo is responsible for broadcasting some of my favorite cheesy anime such as Bleach, Naruto, Love Hina, and Pokemon.

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NHK Online Hurts My Eyes

2 12 2007


NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is the only public broadcaster in the country. Each household that owns a television pays a fee that is used to finance the company. When I look at NHK’s English Web site, my eyes hurt. It’s kind of like the way a scene of Pokemon on EDTV made more than 700 people (mostly kids), vomit and suffer from convulsions. “Gotta’ catch them all!”

Hand clap for NHK for even having an English-language Web site. We, Americans, think that everything is suppose to be in English nowadays, but that is just not the case. However, I do think that news outlets, depending on their size, should have an English version of their Web site for international users. I also think that in the United States that news outlets should provide something in Spanish for Hispanics. Anyway, back to NHK’s Web site.

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G4, TV That’s Plugged In

19 11 2007


At school, I just started to get the G4 gaming channel. If you don’t have it, don’t sweat. With all of the features offered on the G4 Web site, it’s a wonder anyone needs to watch the TV station at all.

If you are not a gamer then you probably have never heard of G4. It just came out in 2002. It’s a cable channel that focuses on the gaming lifestyle. It used to be all about games, but if you have ever watched people playing games on TV (think ESPN’s Madden Nation) that gets pretty old fast. Now, G4 hosts not only talk about new games and tech news, but the channel also tries harder to cater to the male population by broadcasting shows such as Cheaters, COPS and The Man Show. I think, from a journalistic standpoint, G4 is doing a great job catering to the gaming market. Some people would disagree with me. Despite what some critics say, more people buy video games than go to the movies so the station is definitely fulfilling a need.

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Kanye, Lupe and other Hip Hop Artists Bloggin’

9 11 2007

XXL had a short article about rappers who blog. As I said in a previous post, one of the ways a blog could be good is if it’s written by a famous person. People are just a lot more interested in what the person is thinking and doing. Kanye just launched his blog in September and he (or someone he is paying) is doing a very nice job updating it frequently with not only news about Kanye but also some of his favorite designers and personal photos. I find it weird that Twista is publishing a blog on The Chicago Tribune’s Web site. I wonder how they convinced him to do that. Lupe Fiasco’s blog is fresh too, though I’m not a MySpace fan.

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FUNimation Web site as prehistoric as its anime

5 11 2007


Well, I visited FUNimation’s Web site a few weeks ago or at least I thought I did. When I say it was atrocious I really mean it was atrocious. They only had three news stories for the last two months: one of them was that you could buy their crap online and another was that Cartoon Network (a rival station) was playing one of their cartoons on Saturdays. Apparently www.funimation.com is the Web site for FUNimation Productions, A.K.A. the corporate Web site. Oops my bad. Then the Web site for the actual channel should be better right?


Wrong! What are they doing?

I recently discovered the FUNimation channel at my boyfriend’s house one evening. I think they only provide it for Verizon customers. Besides the obnoxious, repetitive commercials promoting Peach Girl and Suzuka DVDs, I really liked what I saw.

I remember watching classics such as Case Closed in Japanese when I was a kid. FUNimation gives me the chance to discover anime from when I was young and anime I have never seen before such as Baki: The Grappler and the extremely unusual Revolutionary Girl: Uetna. Plus there’s Afro Samurai, Dragon Ball, Kiddy Grade, Hare + Guu, Kodocha, and Negima!

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