Appetizing: Sushi named after a street

10 12 2007

Yummmm. Eel. I went out for some sushi the other day, and here’s what I got:


I think it’s named after Lombard Street in San Francisco. The street consists of sharp turns down a hill so steep that if it wasn’t for the curves cars would roll down and crash. If I remember correctly in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas they did a pretty good job recreating this street in the game. Does anybody else remember that?


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G4, TV That’s Plugged In

19 11 2007


At school, I just started to get the G4 gaming channel. If you don’t have it, don’t sweat. With all of the features offered on the G4 Web site, it’s a wonder anyone needs to watch the TV station at all.

If you are not a gamer then you probably have never heard of G4. It just came out in 2002. It’s a cable channel that focuses on the gaming lifestyle. It used to be all about games, but if you have ever watched people playing games on TV (think ESPN’s Madden Nation) that gets pretty old fast. Now, G4 hosts not only talk about new games and tech news, but the channel also tries harder to cater to the male population by broadcasting shows such as Cheaters, COPS and The Man Show. I think, from a journalistic standpoint, G4 is doing a great job catering to the gaming market. Some people would disagree with me. Despite what some critics say, more people buy video games than go to the movies so the station is definitely fulfilling a need.

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Japan International Contents Festival (CoFesta)

3 10 2007

It started with gamers. It will end with educators.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Japan’s CoFesta is a cultural smorgasbord of festivities promoting the best of Japan within a 40-day span. Most of the events are brand-spanking new meaning that their reappearance next year is contingent on this year’s success. I think it would be amazing as a journalist to be able to cover all of these events and present it in a series of articles, videos, photos, blogs, and other pieces. Maybe next year the organizers can make the CoFesta web site more of a hub where people around the world could go to see the latest developments of the events. I think this could greatly benefit an activity whose whole point is to give people around the world a front window to what great things are going on in Japan.

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It Has Begun — Halo 3 Is Here

25 09 2007

 As-good-of-a-map-as-I-can-get which shows where all the Halo 3 players were logged in from as of 6:30 AM (EST).

Run for cover.

If you didn’t pre-order a copy and stand in line last night then good luck. Apparently, gamers on the East Coast weren’t playing. Well, actually they were playing, but they weren’t messing around about getting a copy…ya know what I mean.

Tokyo Game Show 2007

24 09 2007

 Lost Odyssey from Mistwalker; Source:

Yesterday was the last day of the Tokyo Game Show thrown at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba-city. The show started on Thursday, and this weekend it was open to the public. The event was organized by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) and Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. TGS kick starts the inaugural year of CoFesta. Look for more info about CoFesta in the next post. 

TGS is the largest game extravaganza on the planet. The theme of this year’s show was “Link up, Reach out, To the World.” Held in eight exhibition halls, which covered approximately 54,000 square meters, this year was the largest TGS in history in terms of the numbers of exhibitors, booths and game titles. At TGS, 217 organizations were represented from 19 countries/regions. The number of game titles increased from last year’s 650 to 702.

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Evil machine breaks kids’ (or grown mens’) arms

2 09 2007


Bad game! Some wrestling arcade machines have been snapping gamers arms in Tokyo. A few weeks ago the AP reported that game distributor Altus Co. is removing all 150 “Arm Spirit” machines due to three players injuring themselves while playing. The spokesperson said that “Even women should be able to beat it.” She claims players may have got “overexcited” and twisted their arms by mistake.

She may have a point because we all know those guys at the movies who play “Dance Revolution,” and they’re sweating and jumping around for hours like their lives depended on it. I’m surprised that nobody has sprained an ankle and sued yet. In the “Arm Spirit” game you can battle a French maid, drunken ninja, and a Chihuahua among other worthy opponents.