About 40% of Japanese Men Sit To Tinkle

19 12 2007

Photo from Flickr; The amount of adult Japanese men who admitted to sitting while peeing has grown from 15 percent in 1999 to now 49 percent, according to Fuji TV. Image from Japan Probe

As I have said before, newspapers do not have to worry about disappearing in the digital age because many blog posts stem from news articles. This is the case with this awesome nugget of little known Japanese fact. Mainichi Daily News reported that about 40 percent of adult Japanese men sit on the toilet to urinate, according to a survey done by Matsushita Electric Works Ltd., a manufacturer of Western-style toilets.

The survey, which was conducted with 518 men as well as 518 women, shows that mothers and wives encourage the men in their families to sit down so as to avoid unnecessary spraying and urine cleanup. I guess we know who wears the pants in those households. Since 1999, the number of Japanese men who sit to do number 1 has skyrocketed. Matsushita started designing toilets with larger holes years ago to accommodate male sitters.

The number of men sitting while peeing is probably larger than what Matsushita is reporting. Not all men probably want to admit to the habit because they fear that they would appear feminine. Japan Probe was one of the first blogs to post about the article. They also included interesting graphics and a video from Fuji TV news, who did a report on the findings.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

from www.japanprobe.com

Fuji TV conducted their own test to see if women’s worry that men splash too much had any warrant. They put special paper on the floor in a bathroom stall and had a man urinate standing up to see how much of his fluids didn’t make it to the bowl. The results will disgust you.

My boyfriend wants me to include his five cents. He says that when he was younger that it was harder for him to aim because his “you-know-what” was smaller, and consequently, he had to aim further from the bowl. He says that maybe the stereotypes about Asian men’s smaller packages are true and thats why they have a hard time peeing in the bowl. *Warning: I do not support my idiotic boyfriend’s view. I just thought it was too hilarious not to include*

BTW “Tachi-shon” is “to stand up and pee.” “Suwari-shon” is “to sit down and pee.” Thank you, Danny Choo!

Should American damsels force their Prince Charmings to squat while urinating? I think not. It’s already demeaning enough that we are starting to go to college and make more money and divorce them and stuff. Let them have some dignity. Men you are men so stand up for yourselves and hold your pee-pee high – just not too high.




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16 01 2008

Robert-Gilles who recently joined the Japan Blog List!
For all the years I spent in Shizuoka and Japan, it seems I still have a learn a hell of a lot!
Great blog!
Looking forward to visiying you again (very) soon!

P.S.: I do have quite a few blogs. Please do try the one at shizuokagourmet.wordpress.com!

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