Takashi Murakami art exhibition and gala in L.A. (Kanye performs!)

31 10 2007

Photo by Eric Nakamura, Giant Robot publisher and editor

I think I would have even endured the L.A. smog just to get a glance at Takashi Murakami’s show opening and gala at The Geffen Contemporary at The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) this past weekend. Saturday the exhibition opened for members only, and Sunday there was a gala for invited guests. Celebrities such as Owen Wilson, Toby McGuire, Cindy Crawford, Serena Willliams and Christina Ricci came out for a glitzy, artsy, sort-of-perverted weekend of fun. On Sunday, Harajuku girls led the way, and Kanye West brought the house down with several musical numbers. It seems like everyone was also stealing each other’s Takashi-inspired placemats.

Takashi is the Japanese artist best known for his colorful “superflat” style. He is the guy behind those limited edition Louis Vuitton bags and Kanye West’s new album cover. MOCA is featuring more than 90 of Takashi’s works (paintings, sculptures, installations and films) both old and new. Included in the exhibition will be a fully operational Louis Vuitton boutique showcasing Takashi’s designs and a huge, metallic, self-portrait sculpture in the form of a Buddha that stands 5,680 mm high. The exhibition will be open to the public from Oct. 29, to Feb. 11. Check out Eric’s blog for a slide show of photos from the exhibit.

Kanye with his fiance, fashion designer Alexis Phifer; Photo by Eric Nakamura

BAPE founder, Nigo with producer Pharrell Williams in front of “Milk” (they are the team behind the Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream fashion lines, and yes, “Milk” is what you think it is); Marc Jacobs (that’s what he looks like?) and Takashi; Photos from BBC’s blog

Kanye did his thing. Eric recorded this.





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31 10 2007
Like Kanye’s Graduation Album Cover? Check Out Takashi Murakami « KISS-FM Seattle: Music Blog

[…] art on Kanye’s Graduation Album Cover? It is by an artist named Takashi Murakami. He had a show opening in LA last weekend. Here is one of the pieces he is […]

19 11 2007

This is hot. I seen pictures of some of his work on http://WWW.GLOBALGRIND.COM. I wish I could make it out to LA to see his work. He should do an exhibit in NYC.

2 12 2007

all of takashi’s stuff is so adorable. Looking at the photos of the exhibit makes me want to crawl over the barriers and run around on the pieces. I really enjoyed the photos and video you included in this post.

15 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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