David Choe is still a bad ass

26 11 2007


Choe gave the Facebook offices a face-lift. I can’t find the page I originally got this photo from so if this is yours please let me know so I can give you credit. Art below is from Choe’s official Web site.

If you like graffiti, ninja stars and talking whales then you should check out L.A. artist/muralist David Choe. His art is provocative and destructive yet somehow comforting at the same time. He’s not afraid to do whatever the heck he wants with anything he can find. He did the cover art for Giant Robot’s 50th anniversary issue, and he is also featured in their biennial art exhibit at JANM.

An art school dropout, David Choe developed a following after his highly successful, self-published (thanks, Kinkos) “Slow Jams.” The graphic novel tells the story of a masturbating art student, who gets obsessed with an unattainable girl.

Choe can make anything out of anything on anything.


He was arrested in 2004, after he beat up an undercover detective in Tokyo. He spent four months in solitary confinement in a Japanese prison. This didn’t stop him from creating. Imprisoned, he used soy sauce and even his own urine to continue to make art. Since then, he has developed a cult following.

Choe has done work for Sony, PlayStation Magazine, EA Games, Harrahs Las Vegas, Levis, Hurley, CBS, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, FTC Skateboards, Tower records, Warner Brothers Pictures, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Jane Magazine and much much more. Does this make him a sellout? He doesn’t think so.

It doesn’t help that people say shit like, “I admired and connected with your work because it was raw, fresh, unglamorized, and a “not giving a fuck attitude towards it”. Your work was the level I wanted to be on. I’m over it now though. No offense, but you shouldn’t get too comfortable doing the same type of shit over and over. I know it sells, but cmon, man.” It’s like, do I like the work or the story of the artist? The line became blurred for me in regards to you.” … Bottom line though is that I don’t give a fuck, I make art that I like for myself, to express myself, and if my personality gets in the way of that then don’t read or watch any more interviews. If you think I’m repeating myself your fucking tripping.

Well, there you go.

Choe just finished a nationwide tour. He wants to eventually retire early and illustrate the entire Bible and paint the Great Wall of China. Oh BTW he’s not Japanese. He’s Korean.

Here’s a video of Choe messin’ around.

Check out his most recent book published by Giant Robot called Cursiv.

Check out his blog and his Web site for more info.