Smelliest Keitai Eva!

16 09 2007


HAHA take a look at this. If you don’t know what I mean when I say “keitai” I am talking about those ultra cool keitai straps or cell phone straps that no respectable Japanese youngster would be caught on the streets without.


According to

 Lucky Poo, Golden Lucky Sh!t Cell Phone Straps and Big Craps

Golden Shit, we call Gold Unchi in Japanese, is a symbol of Luck/Monetery Fortune. Bring it to your cell phone, Wii or digital camera! Now booming all round the world among potential riches.


You get the idea


Evil machine breaks kids’ (or grown mens’) arms

2 09 2007


Bad game! Some wrestling arcade machines have been snapping gamers arms in Tokyo. A few weeks ago the AP reported that game distributor Altus Co. is removing all 150 “Arm Spirit” machines due to three players injuring themselves while playing. The spokesperson said that “Even women should be able to beat it.” She claims players may have got “overexcited” and twisted their arms by mistake.

She may have a point because we all know those guys at the movies who play “Dance Revolution,” and they’re sweating and jumping around for hours like their lives depended on it. I’m surprised that nobody has sprained an ankle and sued yet. In the “Arm Spirit” game you can battle a French maid, drunken ninja, and a Chihuahua among other worthy opponents.