Home sweet home

2 02 2008

I stumbled on a online gold mine. A talented guy named Tomoyuki Sakaguchi took some amazing photographs of his neighborhood. In his new photo book entitled Home, he captures 84 pages of Tama, the largest planned residential development in Japan.

Tama is a prefect of Tokyo. It’s famous for the Sanrio Puroland, the indoor, Sanrio theme park. It’s also the setting for that crazy anime movie, Pom Poko. Tomoyuki took all of these when the town was asleep. I think it give the photos a sort of magical look. My favorite time of day is that twilight time when you can’t tell if the sun is rising or setting.

“I had done a lot of central Tokyo photographs in the past, skyscrapers and trains,” says Sakaguchi, “and so I wanted to try a different location. I went to normal homes and photographed them at night. When I saw the results I was surprised, I felt as if I was looking at another world.” – Tomoyuki in a Japan Times article

Sakaguchi was a runner up for the Aperture Portfolio Prize. His book would make a perfect coffee table book. Purchase it here. Visit his Web site for more photos.




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