In Japan, They’re Not Afraid To Let It All Hang Out

16 10 2007







From Mainichi Daily News; The cover of Shukan Taishu, a publication that Mainichi uses for some of its “more interesting” articles; From; The sign says “Warning: Perverts lurking.”

News in Japan is just a whole lot sexier. Check out some of the more popular headlines from Mainichi Daily News:

  1. “1 in 17 Shibuya teens found to have contracted STDs”
  2. “Young salary man nabbed for abducting 12-year-old girl he met online”
  3. “Woman dies, 2 other people in critical condition after blaze destroys sex shop in Naha”
  4. “Jealous schoolgirl torches 32-year-old, longtime lover’s Tokyo home”

Their WaiWai section pushes the envelope even further. These stories are often steamy and come with disclaimers at the bottom of the articles:

WaiWai stories are transcriptions of articles that originally appeared in Japanese language publications. The Mainichi Daily News cannot be held responsible for the contents of the original articles, nor does it guarantee their accuracy. Views expressed in the WaiWai column are not necessarily those held by the Mainichi Daily News or the Mainichi Newspapers Co. WaiWai © Mainichi Newspapers Co. 1989-2007.

Here are some headlines from that section:

  1. “The Japanese Kama Sutra: Forty-eight ways to bruise your lover”
  2. “Jeepers creepers, your love hotel might be crawling with peepers”
  3. “Impressive info on intrepid instructors who initiate illicit intercourse”

And my personal favorite: “Bouncy bus beauties ensure enjoyable excursions culminate in a carefree climax”


“Anyway, when we stopped at a famous lacquerware shop in Wajima City, I was admiring a very elaborate serving glass with a Japanese crested ibis design. It was gorgeous, but since it cost 32,000 yen, I felt it was just too pricy to buy as a souvenir.

The gentleman walked up behind me and said, “You seem to have good eye for this stuff. Do you like it?” Then he picked it up and carried it over to the cash register.

“At first I thought he was getting it for himself, but then he told the cashier to ship it to me at my office address, which was printed on the tour brochure!

“I was astonished, I couldn’t believe it,” she recalls. “But he said, ‘You’ve been very kind and I just wanted to show my appreciation.’ And then he paid cash for it.”

So that night a grateful Ayako tiptoed into his single room to demonstrate her appreciation in a more concrete manner.

“When things click between guides and male customers, you know, we will sleep with them,” she confides. “He made me feel assured, so I knew there wouldn’t be any trouble afterwards.

And I posted the less detailed part.

I’m sure Japanese papers aren’t having problems keeping their circulations up.




One response

19 10 2007

Nice stab at the newspaper circulations. Although I would imagine our similar publications (tabloids and magazines) aren’t suffering quite as much. I was wondering from reading this how accepted sexual behavior like this is in Japan. I know it would be very taboo in China. Interesting topic.

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