Tokyo Goes Uptown

4 10 2007


Uptown magazine is running a four-page feature on Tokyo in their current issue (with Alicia Keys on the cover). Writer Elizabeth Clara Brown gives the rundown on a few places to stay and other local treasures. Brown is relocating from Japan to California.

I like the fact that a black lifestyle magazine is taking the initiative to feature Tokyo, which I personally feel is the perfect international destination for some R&R, but I wish Brown gave readers more of how it feels to be black in an Asian country. I heard that there are hardly any black people in Japan. People actually run up to you in the streets and ask to take a picture with you. She could have went more into how it is being a tourist or living there and if she was able to meet more black people. I want to know more about how long she lived there for and what was she doing. Everything else she talks about I could read in a tourist book.

SIDE NOTE: I am really digging how magazines are making their publications available online. Uptown gets a serious TWO THUMBS UP for their new web edition. It’s easy to navigate, and I can even search the whole magazine for keywords and then click to be transported to the page. Gotta luv it! 


I just simply type a keyword such as “Tokyo” into search, click on the word in the reference that I want, and woolah! I am directed to the page I want. Isn’t life grand?




One response

19 10 2007

Interesting questions on Asian culture and its acceptance or resistance to other skin colors. I’d be curious to learn more about that topic. I also enjoy magazine Web sites and have found several that are really satisfying and worth the visit, even mainstream ones like

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