Japan International Contents Festival (CoFesta)

3 10 2007

It started with gamers. It will end with educators.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Japan’s CoFesta is a cultural smorgasbord of festivities promoting the best of Japan within a 40-day span. Most of the events are brand-spanking new meaning that their reappearance next year is contingent on this year’s success. I think it would be amazing as a journalist to be able to cover all of these events and present it in a series of articles, videos, photos, blogs, and other pieces. Maybe next year the organizers can make the CoFesta web site more of a hub where people around the world could go to see the latest developments of the events. I think this could greatly benefit an activity whose whole point is to give people around the world a front window to what great things are going on in Japan.

Here’s a list and short summary of all the events:

  • Tokyo Game Show 2007</a> – [9/20-23] International game trade show that previews the latest in computer and video game software

  • DiGRA 2007 (Digital Games Research Association – Japan) – [9/24-28] Conference that provides a forum btwn the video game industry, academia, and the govt that is hosted by the world’s largest international research association on digital games

  • CEDEC2007 (CESA Developers Conference) – [9/26-28] Developers chit-chat about the video game market and it’s all organized by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s association

  • Passionate 3 Hour Talk Show– [10/1-10] Daily three-hour presentations given by film producers, artists, and game creators to inspire the next generation of geniuses

  • CEATEC Japan – [10/2-6] The premier electronics extravaganza for IT companies to preview their new gadgets

  • JAM 2007(Japan Animation Contents Meeting) – [10/4-7] Gets businesses to start thinking about how they can use anime to get make some green

  • ASIAGRAPH 2007 – [10/11-14] Computer graphics geeks  swap ideas about digital image processing

  • International Drama Festival 2007 – [10/12-13] Introduction of Japan television dramas to the international scene

  • TAM 2007 (Tokyo Asia Music Market) – [10/15-19] Promoting Asian music with live performances and discussions

  • TIFF 2007 (Tokyo International Film Festival) – [10/20-28] The largest film festival in Asia which will showcase and critiquing hundreds of international films

  • Akihabara Entamatsuri– [10/20-28] The district of Akihabara becomes one gigantic playground of manga, anime and games

  • Bunka-Cho Film Week 2007 – [10/20-28] Strictly promoting Japanese films  

  • Japan Location Market 2007 – [10/22-24] Seminars to attract film and TV program production in Japan

  • ATP Awards TV Grand Prix 2007 – [10/23] Award show for Japanese TV programs

  • TCM 2007 (Tokyo Contents Market) – [10/25-26]  Liaison for struggling Japanese companies to get those connections

  • Japan Prize 2007 International Educational Program Contest – [10/23-29] Forum and awards for innovation in educational programs

Other partner events:  Creative Industry Showcase in Kansai, National Board of Regional Visual Industry Associations Forum 2007, Remix07 Tokyo,  Fukuoka Contents Market 2007, Yokohama Student Film Festival, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2007

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

“The Japan International Contents Festival (CoFesta) is the world’s largest integrated content festival. The organizers’ aims are to broaden the appeal of content developed in Japan and to present the “now” of content-related industries both within Japan and overseas. A series of events related to games, animation, manga (comics), characters, broadcasting, music and film held over a 40-day period will provide opportunities for content industry people from around the world to come into contact with a wide range of Japanese content all at the same time. This will be followed by 18 events held in the Greater Tokyo area and seven events in the Chubu (Central Japan) and Kansai (Western Japan) regions. Japan’s newest talent, technology and industries will all be concentrated in these events.”

-CoFesta web site




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3 10 2007

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