It Has Begun — Halo 3 Is Here

25 09 2007

 As-good-of-a-map-as-I-can-get which shows where all the Halo 3 players were logged in from as of 6:30 AM (EST).

Run for cover.

If you didn’t pre-order a copy and stand in line last night then good luck. Apparently, gamers on the East Coast weren’t playing. Well, actually they were playing, but they weren’t messing around about getting a copy…ya know what I mean.




3 responses

25 09 2007
Ryan Thornburg

So, do you have a copy? How is it?

26 09 2007

I would have it if you gave me the money for it…I think I saw it at Cosco’s today.

My boyfriend has been playing it for five straight hours 🙂

29 09 2007

The boy I babysit for wrote the day on the family calendar. I never got into video games, so I don’t quite get the hype, but I am glad you blogged about it. Based on your map and what I’ve heard, it’s quite a big deal. Are there really that many players logged on that early in the morning?!

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