Japan Fashion Week 2007

16 09 2007

I know I am posting this kinda late, but from Aug. 29th to September 5th, Tokyo was all a glow for the 5th Japan Fashion Week at Tokyo’s Midtown Hall. Designers previewed their Spring/Summer collections for ’08. The Japanese try not to step on anybody’s toes, JFW spring/summer collection is held before major fashion shows around the world in September but autumn/winter show is held after them in March. The cool thing about JFW is that the clothes actually look wearable – you know minus the polystar afro.


mercibeaucoup,    GUT’S DYNAMITE CABARETS   doho

kami1.jpg  musports1.jpg dress1.jpg



YLANG YLANG   mercibeaucoup,   garconshinois

I like that the management of the JFW consider the event as a way to advance Japan as a culture powerhouse. That’s the Japanese for you, never satisifed with what they have already achieved, always humbly trying to advance in new areas. It’s refreshing especially in the pompous, overly-hyped, fashion world (think Paris, NYC, Milan). Not that I’m a fashion expert, but who doesn’t cheer on the new boys on the block. Plus it looks like a lot of fun.

The official JFW 2007 web site says:

“JFW in TOKYO aims to enhance Tokyo as a base of on business by achieving the following three goals”

1. To create a gateway into the world’s fashion industry forfashiyoung designers

2. To be the center of the cooperation among “Designers” – (Creativity) , “Manufacturers” – (Craftsmanship) , and “Apparel and retail industry” (Trading)

3. To make Tokyo the most fashionable and exciting city

Since the launch of JFW in 2005, Tokyo Collection has gotten a serious upgrade in the past two years. Don’t sleep on this fashion event because it looks like it will only get better.




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17 09 2007

Too many photos in this one, I think. Perhaps the chance to link off to a slideshow on your site. Use it as a chance to introduce your readers to related music, too?

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