Kanye West album debuting tomorrow with Takashi Murakami cover!!!

11 09 2007


CD cover

Kanye West played hentai (anime porn) on stage during his Graduation listening party at the New World Stages. Is there anything he won’t do? I know I shouldn’t support anybody that uses the devastation of a national tragedy to stage a CD promotion war with a rival MC, but I can’t help it. I’m a sucka for good marketing. I’m also a sucka for good art. Keeping with his Japanese theme, Kanye partnered with legendary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to create his album cover. This guy is serious business. He is the man behind the Superflat movement, which helped get many Westerners exposed to “Japanese-ness.” His work has been displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris, and a bunch of other galleries throughout Japan and the world. Many people probably know him for his work for Louis Vuitton. I want to go to the GEISAI festival he throws in Japan.


Takashi… …and his ummmmmmmm art. There are only a couple of those 88-inch statue: one of them sold for $427,500

Cool ass monogram that Takashi did for Louis Vuitton

Takashi develops young artists like Chiho Aoshima. I love how she combines eroticism and fantasy. She use Bezier curves to create her work.

Visit the Kaikai Kiki web site to learn more.




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15 09 2007
Carol Andes

This is awesome! I had no idea Kanye was doing this, but I find this Japanese art stuff fasinating. Both these artists have been featured in Vogue. Kanye does know how to stay on top of the trends, and I think he has been so successful at maketing himself because he isn’t afraid to take risks. It’s not a traditional pairing, but it works for me.

31 10 2007
Takashi Murakami art exhibition and gala in L.A. (Kanye performs!) « BLACK OTAKU

[…] “superflat” style. He is the guy behind those limited edition Louis Vuitton bags and Kanye West’s new album cover. MOCA is featuring more than 90 of Takashi’s works (paintings, sculptures, installations and […]

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