Fader Magazine web site iz dat ish!!!

2 09 2007

Man, I must have been totally sleeping on Fader mag’s web site. Dat iz my ish fo’ sho now! You can listen to new, unreleased or leaked music. There are exclusive photos and videos from events around the country (mainly CA and NYC). Blog is updated with actual interesting info (which is hard to find in the blogosphere nowadays). I’m sure they will have info on where to get some of Lupe’s Righteous Kung Fu merchandise whenever he gets it off the ground. Also Fader is the first magazine to be available in its entirety on iTunes. What more could you want????

Well, they could use a forum or a comments function. It’s kinda cocky of them not to let people respond or ask questions about what they have up on the site.

It has almost been a year since the magazine launched Fader Japan. Japanese publishing company, Blues Interaction  Inc., puts out six issues a year. I wish they had an English translation of that site. Why don’t people make web sites easier for users around the world to understand them? I can’t be the only non-Japanese speaking reader who wants to know what’s popping in Japan.  




One response

5 09 2007

Off to a fantastic start here.

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